We are Michele and Darty Hines - the creative folks behind the Remarkable Market online store and the photography educational conferences SYNC and SYNC Sports.  We live in a small town in Pennsylvania and have three amazing daughters. On an average day, you will find us enjoying our garden, sipping on a nice glass of wine, shopping at Home Goods, watching Survivor, or brainstorming new business ideas. 

Speaking of business ideas… Here is the story of Remarkable Market! 

Remarkable: likely to be noticed especially as being uncommon or extraordinary

When you lead a remarkable life, people stop and take notice. This is something we learned during a sermon series at our church (LCBC). We are all designed by God to lead a remarkable life and when we do, people will notice.  

The series came at the perfect time as we were in the middle of naming our online store. If you ever went through the process of naming a business, you know how trying that can be. During the process, we made list after list of words and phrases trying to find the perfect combination to describe the products in our store.  

Sometimes the timing is just right. We left the church that Sunday with a new name: Remarkable Market. 


But what about the hummingbird in the logo? Have you ever watched a hummingbird or read about this incredible creature? They are the only birds that can fly backward and their heartbeats over 1,200 times a minute, the fastest beating heart in the animal kingdom. When you see a hummingbird you stop and take notice of something uncommon and extraordinary. The hummingbird is remarkable.   

Just like the hummingbird and just like when God nudges you in a direction, our goal is to provide unique gifts that will cause you to stop and take notice. We hope you find your remarkable gift from the Remarkable Market.